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Dear guests,

Oktoberfest is going on !
We are only 500 meters from the Oktoberfest, there is party every night and it is louder than usual.

We open from 10:00 – until you are tired.

By the way: There is already After Wiesn here since 1997, no one knew the term yet.

Since it’s very beginning in 1999, the art project ZIMMERFREI has grown to a popular event in the Munich art scene. Every year again – after the Oktoberfest – international artists move into the rooms for one week for getting inspired by the unique atmosphere of the hotel. They work with the interior and the history of the hotel – to develop site specific art – installative, situative, performative art interventions.

The project is supported and developed in great cooperation with the Municipal Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich.

Beteiligte Künstler:
Simone Kessler / Johannes Evers / An Laphan / Bianca Patricia / Federico Delfrati / Timur Lukas / Lenka Richterová / Mari Iwamoto / Despo Sophocleous / Johannes Karl / Julia Pfaller / Moritz Kipphardt / Anton Bošnjak / Gülbin Ünlü

Dauer: 14.-18.10.2015, 12-22 Uhr

DIE LANGE NACHT DER MÜNCHNER MUSEEN: 17.10., 19 Uhr – 02 Uhr, Eintritt nur mit gültiger Eintrittskarte
KÜNSTLERPARTY zur Finissage: Sonntag, 18.10.2014 ab 20 Uhr

Führung mit Hilke Bode und Maresa Bucher: Mittwoch, 14.10., 19 Uhr
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